Our Vision

Our vision is to see a Transformed Chennai as the WHOLE CHURCH takes the WHOLE GOSPEL to the WHOLE CITY.

Transformation is a process by which the whole church takes the whole gospel to the whole city so that the power, the peace and the presence of God is experienced by every individual who is reconciled to God, to one another and to the environment that brings economic sufficiency, social peace, public justice and national righteousness.

Comprehensive scope :

Chennai being a mega city of around 10 million people and spread out over a vast geographic area requires a comprehensive strategy so that transformation reaches into every area and sphere of the city

  •   Streets : Geographic focus on Streets, Wards, Pin codes, Neighbourhoods
  •   Spheres of Influence : Arts, Business, Media, Education, Government etc
  •   Stages of Life : Children, Millennials, Families, Elderly
  •   Segments – People groups,Language groups,Economic segments etc

Focus on :

  •   Unity – through Relationship building across denominations, spheres
  •   Unaddressed Issues: through Research
  •   Untapped Potential – through Resource mobilisation, connecting needs to resources

Distinctive approach : The 3 legged stool

Fostering Collaboration between Leaders of

  •   Churches & Ministries
  •   NGO’s & Non Profits
  •   Marketplace